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"...don't you feel sometimes like your real life is another person's fiction?"

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af•ter•glow n.

1. The comfortable feeling following a pleasant experience.
2. A lingering impression of past glory or success.

Seven years after leaving Hogwarts, the class of 1998 reunited...

After defeating Lord Voldemort in January of 1998, ending the war that threatened wizards everywhere, Harry managed to reenter school, pass his NEWT exams, and finish school with the rest of his class. Harry embraced his Muggle upbringing and Wizard heritage by using his skills as an Auror in the new Muggle-Wizard Liaisons Office.

After coming to terms with his feelings towards his one time school rival, Draco Malfoy, Harry has left his home and is currently living in Spain, trying to deal with the repercussions of his feelings and his apparently definitive fallout with his best friend, Ron.

Back in London, Ron is trying to survive telling his mother that he eloped with Hermione without telling anyone, while Hermione feels guilty over Harry and Ron's fight and plots how to get the two of them together long enough to make them speak.

Meanwhile, after finally acting on his feelings, Seamus decides to try and forget Dean, who flew to Paris with the excuse of finishing his art lessons. Seamus suspects that Dean is not being precisely sincere and that he certainly is not imagining the awkwardness that has settle over their long friendship.

For his part, Draco is completely unaffected over Harry's moving out of London, or so he likes to say. Lavender Brown, his personal assistant, says otherwise and is convinced she holds the truth, after all, it is her the one casting Reparo every time a window or the whole red wine glasses inventory of his restaurant, Le Petit Mort is shattered to pieces thanks to one of Draco's magical outbursts. He insists he's only annoyed because Harry made Lavender cry when he left.

Luna sends her friends deep and meaningful poetry while she wonders just where her father left the laptop, again.

Oliver is convinced he's not worthy of Lisa, or Lisa Turpin, Head Auror of the Muggle-Wizard Liaison Division, as she signs her Owls after she was promoted. What should be a time of happiness -even is she is sad over Harry leaving his job- has been clouded with a sad breakup.

George is his usual wonderful, perfectly sexy and completely shaggable self, notwithstanding his successful business man reality.

Join this group of friends, family, rivals and lovers, as they try to live in the Afterglow.

Come bask with us In The Afterglow...

- - -

Welcome to Afterglow, a post-Hogwarts RPG that is bridging the gap between the Muggle and Wizard worlds like no other. Starting at a class reunion in the year 2005, Afterglow follows the lives of select members of the Hogwarts class that we all know and love.

- - -

Taken Characters:
Blaise Zabini :: chocolate_glow*
Colin Creevey :: potter_worship*
Daphne Greengrass :: majestic_d*
Dean Thomas :: artistique_dean*
Draco Malfoy :: luminous_draco
George Weasley :: glowing_forgie
Harry Potter :: potterglow
Hermione Granger :: hermione_aglow
Lavender Brown :: lavender_shines
Lisa Turpin :: bright_lisa
Luna Lovegood :: lunarly
Neville Longbottom :: radiant_neville*
Oliver Wood :: woodatdawn
Pansy Parkinson :: pansy_illumines
Parvati Patil :: glowingvati*
Seamus Finnigan :: lonraigh_shay
Ronald Weasley :: ronweasley_king
*Characters open for recast. Some background and game-canon.

Available Characters:
Theodore Nott
Padma Patil
Fred Weasley
Ginny Weasley

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Afterglow has a unique format. Because young wizards are now using Muggle technology, posts to Afterglow can be in the form of voicemails, owls, texts, emails, floo calls, and any other means of communication. Narrative is also welcome!

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